Tools to improve the efficiency of your organisation's Operations

Access your important files and data from anywhere with Google Drive

what will happen if you lost your laptop or it got damaged? What about all those years of hard work, reports and projects stored on your system? Google Drive saves your data safely.


Sarahah - Collect anonymous feedback from others to improve your work

Sarahah is an online tool where users can anonymously send feedback to you. Sarahah's aim is to help people better themselves or their organization through constructive criticism. It can be a useful tool that can be used in your personal life as well as your professional life.


Online Giving – The Preferred Option for the 21st Century Donor

DanaMojo is a smart and intuitive payment platform which works for both NGOs and their donors. By having a donor-friendly interface and providing dozens of online and offline payment options, you can greatly expand your network of supporters.


greytHR effortlessly delivers payroll management, expense claims and attendance for your organization

In today’s dynamic and digital age, your organization is under skeptic and scrutinizing public and media eyes. Your organization must mainta

Greytip Software

Ketto helps solve your online Fundraising problems and keep your donors engaged

How can Ketto solve the problems your non-profit faces: 1. Integrated Payment Gateways: The Problem: Around 62% of people worldwide prefer t


Happay for Nonprofits: Expense Management with 100% financial accountability and control

“Happay is everything that an NGO needs. Cash management is simplified. Audits are completed quickly. Reports that need to be sent to board

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