Techrasam is an initiative by Team Tech4Good

We, @Tech4Good are a group of changemakers and techies who are passionate about empowering non profits in India with technology.

We are on a mission to help nonprofits to use technology effortlessly and confidently to achieve their goals.

We believe that technology enables nonprofits to be more efficient in their day to day operations and offers them incredible opportunities to scale the impact & reach of their work. We do this by:

Would you like to write for our blog?

If you are interested in contributing

  • an article about a technology or product and how non profits can use them
  • an article about how changemakers have used technology to create and scale impact

Please do write to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Articles at techrasam are usually around 700 Words long in very simple language and links to the product or other useful resources like how to use, faqs, link to apply for discount, etc. Article will be posted as you/your organization. Once onboarded - You/Your organization will have a author profile on techrasam and you can continue to blog on the platform on new ideas and ways in which your product can be used.