I have always been a very reluctant technology user. And all-the-more reluctant learner. The old soul in me has had an ever-nagging suspicion about the high likelihood of technology landing me into trouble, mostly due to my limited knowledge. And to make things worse, I was always a little inhibited to ask. Videos were available, but I belong to the old-school where videos as the sole medium, did not have much of an impact in helping me let go of my inhibition.

That’s where #Tech4Good helped break the ice between me and technology.

I attended the #Tech4Good Delhi Chapter workshop held on 27th October 2018 in New Delhi hosted at Oxfam India. It helped me in more ways than one.

I had attended the workshop specifically for insight on my area of work, which is data analysis and impact assessment. However, the workshop offered me much more. The one-day workshop packed in information on a gamut of open-source software available for creating an out-an-out technology based management system in an organisation, right from programme management tools to design tools and fundraising platforms.

The sessions held on data collection software Kobo (https://www.kobotoolbox.org/) and data visualisation software Tableau (https://www.tableau.com/) could put any tech-fearing and data-wary person at ease, by ensuring a thorough introduction.

Tech4Good’s approach of offering continuous support on any aspect of technology via the #Tech4Good Helpdesk for smooth operations in various organisational areas, even beyond the workshop, helped us in gaining confidence about using the software in our workplaces.

The session on impact-assessment created a robust dialogue among all present on essential aspects like output, outcome and impact of programmes, clarifying many common doubts and overlaps.

All said, it’s the idea and approach behind #Tech4Good which needs to be appreciated wholeheartedly. It’s well known that there is lot of information around, but making it accessible is what makes the difference. That’s where #Tech4Good is making its impact. Enabling cost-effective, efficient technology-based programmatic and operational systems in India’s development sector, to empower and support the sector’s human resources with IT knowledge, is an amazing endeavour. A loud and resounding shout-out to the #Tech4Good team for this!