Even though new into the field of social sector, I could see that we were in dire need of technology up gradations so as to ensure the required outcome effectively. I also found out that many traditional problems related to this field could be solved using new technologies, especially in the area of data collection as it is a crucial part of any organisation not only for fund raising but also for future planning.

The major obstacle to this scenario was lack of proper mentorship and fund and this is when I stumbled upon a workshop offered by #Tech4good. I'll admit that I was a little skeptical as I was not sure how can something useful be delivered within a day. But the program far exceeded my expectations not only in terms of the technologies to which I was introduced but the network it helped me form.

I attended the #Tech4Goodx Bhubaneswar chapter that was organized at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology on the 6th of October. Along with me there were 40 other participants representing non profits from across Odisha.

The day had a introductory hands on session to Kobo Toolbox https://www.kobotoolbox.org/ and Kobo Collect.

Kobo Training by Professor Kumar

We also had a hands on learning experience with Tableau visualization software https://www.tableau.com/.

Tableau Training by Sucharitha

A small peek into video editing software and tools were also part of the workshop.

Video Editing Tools & Techniques by Shubam

The future events of #Tech4Good has a line up of workshops on Human Centered Designing, CRM systems and other management software systems.

As I came to know, this workshop was just the beginning of a long term relationship. I was really happy to know that I'll receive further support to the data collection software, to which I was introduced, which I would love to use more. Really hoping to engage further.