Tired of figuring out when a meeting room will be available? Is your organisation in need of a way to efficiently reserve and schedule meeting rooms? Well, we have a solution for you! Roombelt is a FREE web app that can help simplify the way you plan all your meetings and one to ones. It doesn't matter if you have one or one hundred rooms to manage, Roombelt has you covered!

Why you should try Roombelt:

  • Easy to set-up
  • Doesn't require any downloading
  • Works on any phone/tablet browser
  • Works with Google Calendar
  • FREE to use. Forever.

Roombelt works best when you leave a phone or tablet at the entrance of each of your meeting rooms with the app set up. Each of these individual devices can then connect to a Google Calendar where it keeps track of all of the time slots that are occupied/available.

So next time you want to book a meeting room in advance, all you have to do is open Google Calendar and enter in the meeting details like you normally would on Google Calendar. You can also easily book an empty room for immediate use right then and there with a click of a button. Just click on the time duration, and the room is booked.


If your meeting is running a bit long, you can extend your slot. And if you are done early, you can stop it before your time is up. So this ensures that others don't double-book the room or interrupt participants during important meetings.

Set-up process:

Roombelt is super easy to get working. All you have to do is, from your laptop or computer. Visit the app page and login to your Gmail account.


Now you are presented with the dashboard where you can connect a new device.


To register a device, click on the register a new device button. Then, visit https://app.roombelt.com/ on the phone or tablet you want to enlist and click "Register device". You will see a numerical code which you have to type into the dashboard.


Once you enter in the code, you need to choose which Google account to use for scheduling the meetings of that particular room. Repeat this process on as many devices/rooms you need. And that's it, you are ready to start using Roombelt!


Try Roombelt for FREE today! Leave us a comment down below or email us if you have any queries about Roombelt.