Tech4Good is a group of changemakers and techies who are passionate about
empowering non-profits in India with technology.

We are on a mission to help nonprofits to use technology effortlessly and
confidently to achieve their goals.

● A vibrant civil society is crucial to building a just, equitable and humane
society. We at #Tech4Good are inspired by the thousands of NGOs, change
makers and government agencies tackling some of India’s biggest challenges.
● Technology can help nonprofits amplify the impact of their work through
systems like Data & Management Information Systems (MIS) to manage
beneficiaries, digital innovations to reach more people, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) tools, fundraising, campaigning, etc.
● It can simplify their operations like financial governance, communications,
donor management, reporting, project management, etc.
● During our conversations with them - nonprofits showed a lack of confidence inexecuting technology for their needs. Reasons included lack of Internal capacity,zero operating budgets.
● We at #Tech4Good are technologists at heart on a mission to help NGOs
achieve their goals. With deep technology know-how and a passion for social
change, we aspire to serve a strong supporting role to nonprofits so that they can achieve their mission.
Understanding the technology gap in non-profits
● Great & Free Products exist, but no one is using them: 7 out of 10 Nonprofits in India face substantial operational and programmatic challenges that can be solved with technology. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Tableau offer their world class products to nonprofits for FREE. NGOs are unable to use them due to lack of internal capacity.
● Zero IT Budget & Resources: small and remote NGOs in India operate on very
2 small budgets (less than 10,000 USD/Year). They cannot afford to hire
dedicated technology staff who can implement and maintain systems for them.
Those who do not have internal tech capacity often depend on vendors who
overcharge and don’t understand them.
● Expensive and Bad Software: 8 out of 10 nonprofits we spoke to said that
online fundraising platforms, Data and MIS Systems, campaigning platforms are
an urgent and important need for them. Currently available software for these are expensive, of poorly designed and made for the needs of bigger NGOs.

In this second edition of #Tech4Good Handbook - We have carefully put together and edited a set of free/discounted tools and resources ranging across Fundraising, Marketing, Operations, Payroll Management, Project management, Data & MIS and more.

To get your free copy - Click here to Download PDF . Please share widely with friends and colleagues.