The Google for Nonprofits Program offers eligible organisations access to free versions of paid Google products. These tools can help nonprofits find new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and get supporters to take action.

G4NP provides access to the following Google products:

  1. YouTube for Nonprofits Program.
  2. Google Ad Grants.
  3. G Suite for Nonprofits.
  4. Google Earth Outreach.
  5. One Today.

Google has partnered with TechSoup to validate organisations for Google for Nonprofits. In India validation is done by NASSCOM Foundation's BigTech Program before applying for Google for Nonprofits.

Eligibility guidelines:

  1. Organizations must be currently registered with BigTech.
  2. Organizations must be registered societies, trusts, or Section 8 (formerly Section 25) companies; AND hold a valid registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act (FCRA).

How to register your nonprofit for G4NP:

  1. Register your nonprofit on BigTech and get a validation token.
  2. When you're ready to proceed, follow these steps to sign up for G4NP
  3. Fill out the application form. In order to sign up for the Google for Nonprofits program, you must provide your organization's TechSoup Validation Token, which identifies your organization as validated. It will look something like [email protected]
  4. Wait for a decision. Most applications will be reviewed within 10 business days.
  5. Enroll in Google products, at no cost! Once your organization has been approved for Google for Nonprofits, you can enroll in our products.

For better understanding one can refer these resources. These videos will help in understanding better; one can pause, rewind and learn.

  1. Click here to go the YouTube page of Google for Non Profits.
  2. A series of videos that includes step-by-step instructions on the enrollment process. Click here to view the series.
  3. FAQs for Nonprofits from BigTech is here.

If you have any questions, please feel free ask in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Pixabay