Anybody in the social sector wants to work effectively towards funding and wants to explore new ways to raise funds. Day 2 of the #Tech4Good Fellowship started with “Accessing CSR funds and managing social sector projects” by Anirudhan from Good CSR.
Good CSR, works with NGOs and corporates with their CSR funding. The session explained how GoodCSR platform can help the NGOs to find about corporates who want to fund a project. Smart RFP’s was a good insight.

From fundraising to operations to programs and more, there is a lot that non-profit employees have to focus on to deliver impact. It was nice to know that Salesforce offers a fully-powered version free of cost to qualifying non-profits.

Chandan’s session on “Salesforce NPSP (non profit success pack) as an effective MIS” demonstrated how one can easily access built-in tools to manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters--all in one place. One can focus on streamlining one’s fundraising processes around donor engagement and not data entry. And manage one’s mission in real-time with reports and dashboards. This session sparked a lot of curiosity and questions from the participants.


Even before humans started communicating in languages, they started drawing, there were pictures. Primitive drawings shared ideas, plans, and history.

When something gets too difficult to understand, especially with more data being created every day resorting to this simple language of data visualization simplifies everything to a concept that can be grasped. Data visualization puts complex data into a pictorial format, allowing one to more easily understand and identify patterns to bolster your strategies.

Tableau is a data visualization tool that allows you to visualize almost any data. Ajeet, a #Tech4Good staff member led the next session on “Data Visualization using Tableau”. We first installed the desktop version of Tableau. Through data visualization, we were able to rapidly pull new insights out of our sample data set. Rather than simply creating a chart like we had in the past, we used visual analysis to explore data and discover new findings.


The next session was led by Jensen Daniel. It was about “Commcare Solutions – Dimagi – a mobile data collection platform”. Commcare helps in quickly creating an app that helps in effective data collection on the field, reduce errors and visualize the data. It also works in off-line mode which I think is a great plus, because not all areas have good connectivity.


The day concluded with a fun group activity where everyone had to draw their #Tech4Good Superhero. This brought laughter and smiles in the room. While the superheroes were revealed, there was a fun jugalbandi in the room. Day 2 was productive and evening jam at the guest house gave a soothing end to a long day.