Fundraising has always been a big concern for growing non-profits. While there are many ways to crowdsource and campaign, most of these options come with a service fee of their own. If you are in need of raising funds from your supporters without having to break the bank, we have a solution for you!

Give is a donation plugin for your WordPress website made by WordImpress. It is a FOREVER FREE service that is easy to use and is customisable. The Give plugin does not look, feel, or work like an online store's checkout page. It was made keeping in mind the specific and unique needs of non-profit organisations and charities.


With Give you can accept one-time and recurring donations through customizable donation forms. As well, you can also manage your donors, view donation reports, and integrate with many third-party gateways and services.


Zero costs:

Give is free to use for anybody. There are no processing charges, setup fees, or commission. 100 percent of every donation made through your site's Give plugin goes solely to your cause.


The Give plug-in takes the current theme of your WordPress website providing your site with a seamless professional look.

Donation forms:

Once the plugin is set-up, you can create donation forms from within your WordPress dashboard. Donation forms can collect donor information, provide your campaign target, help donors set a donation amount, set up recurring payments, etc.



Donor's profile:

The people who developed 'Give' understand that gathering contact information about your donors is essential. So Give is equipped with a secure database for all your donor information organised as individual profiles. Each profile has information like contact details, donation history, etc.



Robust Reporting:

Give provides you with a graphical representation of how your donation forms are performing. This data can help you improve your forms. You can also filter data collected to show you information on a single donor, donor activity, highest donations, payment methods, etc.




'Give' can integrate with your favourite services like MailChimp, Google Analytics, PayPal, Paytm, etc., by paying a fee.


These add-ons are not necessary for 'Give' to function but are available to those who want to enhance the plugin further.


Upcoming Add-Ons

Give developers have been continuously working to bring in new add-ons and features to enhance the overall experience. Click here to see the add-ons in develpment phase. You can also vote for your favorite add-ons here .


Give Customer Support

Give provides a dedicated team of Give Experts who help customers with active subscriptions for premium Add-ons or those looking for free support.


Premium customers get priority support while free support is provided on Give's support forum. In additon, Give provides an excellent documentation for users of all skill levels.

If you're still curious about Give, you can check out their demo here. And if you're all ready to give 'Give' a try, you can download the plugin here.


Please leave us a comment below or send us an email if you have any questions about Give.

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