SendGB is a free to use service where you can send files to anyone. What's remarkable about SendGB is that you do not need to sign up to use their service, and it is FREE. Every single user gets to use all the features of SendGB as there are no paid plans or upgrades.


File size:

SendGB allows you a generous 4GB per transfer. Which means you can send one file the size of 4GB or multiple files that come up to 4GB entirely.

Group send:

Send your files to multiple people at a time. You can share data with up to 20 people at the same time.

Share type:

You have two ways you can share files with people. The first option is by typing in your recipient's email addresses so that they get an email with the download. Or option two is, getting a share link and then sharing it with whoever you want.


Unlimted use:

You can use SendGB as many times as you want in a day. There are absolutely no restrictions.

7-day storage:

Any file you upload onto SendGB, is stored on their servers for seven days. You and the people you're sharing the file with can access this data for seven days. After the seven days are up, the data gets deleted automatically.

Password protection:

Protect your data by setting a password when sending files to anyone. Don't forget to share this password with the people who you transfer the files to as they won't have access to them otherwise.



If you are sharing super sensitive data with people, you can choose the 'Destruct the file' option. As soon as the recipient of the file downloads it, the file will no longer be accessible.


SendGB doesn't require any app downloads. You can access it from any computer browser by visiting