When organising a large event or conference, it can be hard to ensure everyone visiting find their way to the sessions they want to attend. Precious time can be checking itineraries, finding a floor map, figuring out where the next session is and how to get there. What if you could provide the visitors with a handy tool which can provide them all the information they need?

Event management has become simpler over the years since the use mobile phones and apps. Simplify your attendees' life by integrating event tools such as Connfa: an open source app for conferences and events. The app can help you put together a schedule with detailed information about each session. Such apps enable your visitors to plan what sessions they want to attend, assist them to find the location and keep them connected to your Twitter feed.


Schedules: Create schedules for meetups, sessions, talks, seminars, etc. The program auto scrolls to the current date and time.


Session details: Each session added to Connfa can provide more information such as the speaker's name, qualifications, the time and location of the session, number of attendees, etc.


Speakers: With Connfa's speaker profile, you can know more about the speaker such as their experience, work, publications, contact information, etc. Direct links to websites and social media are also possible.


Favorite sessions: From the entire event schedule, users have the option to favourite sessions they want to attend. They can then look into the favourited sessions list to see their schedule and plan their day. When a favourited session is about to begin, users are alerted with a notifications on their phone.


Social media: Embed your event/company's Twitter feed so that the users can keep track and share tweets from within Connfa!


Floor plans: Add the floor plans to your event venue so that visitors can find their way around the effortlessly. Multiple floor plans are also supported.


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