More than 10 million Children with Autism in India. Thousands of Parents of Children with Autism in India are searching the internet to find Information, help and support.

Hundreds of Caregivers – Credible Helplines, Inclusive Schools, Trainers, Social Workers, Therapists, Counsellors in India who work to provide support to children with autism do not have a common platform which can help them become more accessible to Parents.


  • No easy way for Parents to find Information about Caregivers that are relevant, credible, close.
  • No Platform for caregivers to become more accessible to parents, share their work.


An online platform which will connect Parents of children with autism directly to caregivers and also to other parents thus creating a unique and committed ecosystem of parents & caregivers.

  • Parents can Effortlessly Find Information about caregivers that is accessible, verified, credible and relevant.
  • Caregivers can easily create a profile on the platform and get themselves verified and become accessible to Parents.


The Journey So Far…

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