We create, edit, share, download, and delete files every single day. From images for social media, PDFs for a meeting, audio files for a presentation, video files, or even a Word document. Sharing big files on email is difficult and most email providers have limits on the file size of your attachments. There are countless instances where you need to send or receive a file quickly and effortlessly. To help you do this in the simplest way, we'd like to introduce to you, WeTransfer. This is a file sharing platform that is FREE to use which is faster and more convenient than sharing files via email, Bluetooth, or even logging in to give others access to files on your cloud storage.



No sign-ups: WeTransfer is very much like a plug-and-play platform where you do not need to sign-up or have an account to use their service. It has no strings attached and can be used by anyone, anytime.

2GB per transfer: WeTransfer allows you to send up to 2GB of data in each transfer. You can send any type of file whether it is audio, video, image, or document. When you send multiple files at once, WeTransfer makes a .zip file of them so it's easier to send and download later on.


Unlimited use: You can use WeTransfer to share files as many times as you like (up to 2GB/transfer) as the usage is not capped.

Share via Email: Share your files with up to 20 people via email by entering their email addresses in the "Email to" field.


Share via URL: If you wish to share your files on a blog, chat, in an email blast, etc, you can choose to retrieve a download link. Share this link with people and they can download your files from there.

7-day expiry: After you share files with someone, they have 7 days to download them. Once the 7 days are up, your files will no longer be accessible to them.

How to use:

Visit WeTransfer and follow the following simple steps:

  1. Upload your file/s
  2. Enter the email id/s of the receiver (only if you want to send via email)
  3. Enter your email id so they know who the files are from
  4. Choose either "send as email" or "send by link"
  5. Click on the "Transfer" button and you're done!

WeTransfer Plus:

For those who use this service a lot or need more features, WeTransfer offers a paid subscription with additional features for $12/month or $120/year. WeTransfer Plus has the following additional features:

  • Increased limit to 20GB per transfer
  • Determine how long transfers are available for download
  • Password protect all your files
  • Customise your profile URL with your company name etc.
  • Personalise email backgrounds with an image of your choice
  • Customise your profile background image

WeTransfer apps:

Besides using the web-app, WeTransfer is available for download on Mac, iOS, and Android.

If you have any further questions about WeTransfer, feel free to drop a comment down below or sending us an email at [email protected]!