Over 15 lakh farmers associated with the JNAU’s scientific update services are reaping the benefits of SMSs and emails.

SMS services are playing a vital role in moving important farming technology from laboratories and research units to end users. Under Madhya Pradesh's Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University (JNAU) around 20 Krishi Vigyan Kendras are operating with a network of over 15 lakh farmers. These farmers are provided regular advice, updates and information concerning farming, pest control, fertilizers and also about market updates of different produce. The updates are provided to them directly via SMS in their local language.

With the onset of making farming sustainable and profitable, many changes are coming about in the whole system. While there are improvements taking place in knowledge sharing about the optimal use of available natural resources in a sustainable method, the use of IT particularly mobile-based services is showing more and more promise.

The plan to improve farming education and awareness on sustainable practices is to be connected with the farmers. Suggestions are given by experts and scientists, and the institutions reach the farmers via SMS and email.


Vice-Chancellor, Professor Vijay Singh Tomar stated that ongoing R&D in agriculture is focused on the optimisation and sustainability of natural resources as well as to warn farmers of losses. Their effort is that, by using every unit and drop of electricity and fertilizer, it reduces the efforts of the farmers, input costs and ultimately results in more profits in the form of healthy food.

JNAU Director Extension Services, Dr P K Bisen says that all farmer-centric programmes focus on farmers’ prosperity. As per the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Farmers’ First program has been initiated in the University.

Today, Farmers’ First and other similar programmes are using KVK's mobile-based information sharing to educate farmers about production techniques and advancements in agriculture.