Growing up - I am sure we all remember drawing on anything that we could find ( a slate, walls, ground) to draw and visualise that we had on our minds. This visual way of thinking comes naturally to us. We continued to do this on our notebooks to clarify our mind about a new concept that we want to understand. Over the years, complexity of these concepts has increased but the tools that we use have become more and more linear. They do not allow us to free our thinking and imagination. Isn't that true? Do MS Word, MS Excel or Email give you those powers? We introduce you to a simple yet powerful mind mapping and thinking tool - lucidchart.

Learning to create flowcharts, mind maps can be a very useful technique to organise and plan your day to day activities and thoughts be it at work or at home. We can all relate to situations where we've been stuck gathering our thoughts/ideas/plans/tasks while planning a project, writing a presentation, planning a trip or even when making decisions. Using flowcharts and mind maps can help you visualise all the elements of a project so you're able to see the bigger picture by consolidating and organising all your information.

What are flowcharts and mind-maps?

Flowcharts are a pictorial representation of a set of instructions, procedures, directions, etc. Mind maps are a visual depiction of thoughts, plans, ideas, etc in a hierarchical manner.


To help you get started with making such diagrams, you should check out the leading software in the flowcharting world: Lucidchart. Lucidchart comes with many bells and whistles that cater to every individual regardless of what work they do.

Features of Lucidchart:

  • Collaborate in real-time with colleagues and friends.
  • Lucidchart is compatible with G Suite and Microsoft Visio.
  • A wide variety of options for engineers, designers, businesses, students, individuals, etc.

Ways you can use Lucidchart in your everyday life:

Communicate instructions:
Whether you have to teach someone a new task or give directions to a location, flowcharts can help you simplify the flow of giving someone instructions and avoiding miscommunications at the same time.


See the bigger picture:
Create mind maps and flowcharts for your upcoming projects and be able to see every element and how they correlate all at a glance.


Take better notes:
Next time you're in a meeting, seminar, or lecture, use mind mapping techniques to take down your notes instead of writing things down in a linear fashion. This can help you consolidate all the information and see connections you might not have seen before.


Get creative:
Lucidchart has the required icons and tools to create floor plans, server networks, wireframes, iPhone/Android mockups, Venn diagrams, and much much more!

Learn/Understand concepts:
Create mindmaps of complex topics and concepts to learn and understand how every element corelates to one another. Adding images and colours helps you remember information better. This can come in handy before your next big presentation.

You can use Lucidchart on any platform as you can use their web app on any browser or download their iOS or Android app to use on the go.