If you've ever campaigned, hosted an event, sent out surveys, or been in any situation where you needed to send out many emails and follow up on each of them, you will know how taxing it is to keep track of all the emails and responses. To help you with that task, we bring to you GMass.

Eg: Sending out invitation to donors for repeat gifts, RSVP on events, surveying your target audience or your employees.

GMass is an email management app that is built right into Gmail and Google Inbox. With GMass, you can send emails in bulk and automatically follow-up with emails to those who haven't responded or opened your previous email.


Compose window: Compose your emails in the already familiar Gmail/Inbox interface. All features and functionality of Gmail are useable for example, attachments and inline images.

Test mode: You can create your email campaigns and save them as drafts. You can further edit them later, delete them or just play around with all the features of GMass.

Google Sheets integration: You can save data from your email campaigns in Google Sheets. Information like name, email address, company, etc. can be collected. READ MORE.


Scheduling: You can create your email campaign and set it to be sent at a later time or date. READ MORE.

Tracking: With GMass's tracking feature, you can now track who opened your emails, who clicked on the links in your emails, who unsubscribed to your emails, etc. Read more HERE and HERE.


Reports: This feature gives you a bigger picture of how your email campaign is going. It shows you the number of emails you sent out, how many were opened, how many people responded, how many emails bounced, etc. You can even download reports in a CSV format.

Email list builder: You can create an email list by searching your older conversations. For example, your search is "Autism Day Walk, 2015", you will get a list of past conversations with those keywords. You can then create an email list of all the people you contacted about "Autism Day Walk, 2015".

Automatic follow-ups: You can automate follow-up emails to be sent out to people who haven't opened or replied to your email. You determine when the follow-up emails are sent. For example, you can have the first follow-up to be sent 2 days after the original email was sent and the second follow-up to be sent 1 week after the original email was sent. READ MORE.


Manual follow-ups: You can choose to manually follow-up to those who opened, clicked, replied, received or who didn't open, click, reply, receive, etc. READ MORE.

Reply management: When you send out a mass email, any responses you get from there are automatically categorized, saving you from the trouble of looking through a cluttered inbox. READ MORE


Overcome Gmail's sending limit: Gmail has a daily limit of 500 outgoing emails (2,000 for G Suite users). GMass understands this and sends out your emails over multiple days for up to 10,000 recipients. READ MORE

Personalization: When sending out emails in bulk, it can lose that personal touch. Luckily, GMass allows you to personalize the emails with insertions. Insertions are info inserts like {FirstName} {LastName} and {EmailAddress}. When you incorporate emails with insertions, GMass picks up those personalizations when sending out the emails. READ MORE.


GMass is FREE up to 50 emails per day but with limited features. If you require more emails per day, or premium features, you can subscribe to a paid monthly plan. There are 3 plan you can subcribe to:

  1. Basic ($6.95): Unlimited use of all features except removal of "GMass" footer and no follow-ups
  2. Standard ($8.95): Unlimited use of all features, no "GMass" footer but no follow-ups
  3. Premium ($12.95): Unlimited use of all features, no "GMass" footer, and you can use follow-ups