If you're pondering whether crowdfunding is the next move for your organization, ask yourself the following questions put together by BitGiving: One of the best crowdfunding platforms in India. These questions will help you get an idea of how to go about creating a successful crowd-funding campaign:

1. Do you have a plan of action or idea that can bring about change?

Having a concrete plan of action or idea is very important. Just 'wanting' or 'hoping' to change the world is not going to help you create a successful campaign. People would rather hear about HOW you can create change rather than WHY. So gather your thoughts and note down all that you can do to make a change.

2. What is your story?

Contributors would love to hear what moved or inspired you to take action, how you put together your project, and how their contribution can make difference. The more truthful and compelling your story, the more likely you are to get contributors.

3. Who is your target audience?

To create a successful campaign, you must figure out how you are going to spread your message far and wide. Does your concept speak to a specific group of people? Or does it have mass appeal? If you have a niche audience, do you have enough networks and contacts to initially spread the word about your campaign? Figuring this out is essential because your compelling story and plans of action aren't going to be heard if you are not able to reach your target audience.

After answering the questions, you can then start planning out your campaign. Here are a few tips to conceptualize your crowdfunding campaign:

Set your goal & be realistic:

Put together a budget for your campaign. To set a goal, you have to figure out how much you will need to make a change, then factor in all your efforts and campaign rewards.

Get your forces ready:

Note down and contact all the people you have spoken to about your project, let them know you are doing a campaign. The more people you have initially and the bigger and more influential your networks, the more successful your campaign will be.

Think Partnerships & Outreach:

Reach out to social media personalities, media agencies, other nonprofits, and activists to further elevate your campaign. You will never know who is willing to help unless you ask!

Get creative!

Campaigning can get monotonous so it's good to have a few interesting ideas to reboot the campaign when you see progress is slowing down. Plan a Twitter Q&A, challenge your followers to get a hashtag trending, etc.

Once you’ve got these basics in place, you can put together the campaign on BitGiving and see it come alive!