I Change My City, is a call to all city dwellers to improve the Quality of City Life.

Fixing our drains, our roads, our garbage, our water, our traffic, is fixing the nuts and bolts of our democracy. It takes the ideals of democracy into the realm of concrete action.

And that is the raison d'être of IChangeMyCity (ICMyC); a platform for citizens to actively engage in the governance of their city.

ICMyC is Janaagraha’s path-breaking initiative to cultivate and nurture the spirit of active citizenship. It’s a hyperlocal social change platform where urban communities engage to address gaps in governance and infrastructure of the city. Currently, ICMyC is present in Bangalore and Mumbai and facilitates several citizen engagements under this umbrella.

While urban areas continue to struggle to have basic infrastructure and services meant to ensure livability, making it happen is not the responsibility of the government alone. We elect those who govern us, and therefore our participation is the only way to get them to deliver to our satisfaction.

India’s urban population is expected to reach 600 million, i.e. 40 percent of the population of India will be living in urban cities by 2031. Besides the challenges of unplanned urban growth, the constant influx of people will need robust systems in place so that the city is prepared to cope with the many challenges an increased population will bring.

Urban India suffers from a massive disconnect between citizens and local government. Minor tasks, such as finding information to contact your local civic agency, becomes an ordeal. This is further complicated by a lack of coordination between urban bodies and departments.

And fundamentally, because of lack of formal avenues for citizens to take part in local governance.

Driven by the technological advancements, and harnessing the potential of technology to take quick action, ICMyC was launched on 22nd July, 2012, to be the platform that connects citizens with their civic agencies, and to act as a single point interaction space related to governance and infrastructure of the city.

IChangeMyCity follows a simple three point mantra:

  1. Post a complaint
  2. Build a community around the complaint
  3. Connect with civic agencies to get the complaint resolved

ICMyC seamlessly connects the civic complaints to the relevant civic authority. Registered users can post their complaints regarding civic issues which are immediately forwarded to the concerned civic agency and is assigned a unique id. Complaints from Wards are shared with the respective elected representatives. The complaint can be tracked on the website till the issue is resolved.

The ICMyC users can also see all other complaints from across the city. In this virtual citizenship platform, all users can vote up and add voice to an entire gamut of civic challenges, forming a larger virtual collective in the process.

The online team invested three years in building the ICMyC platform- a complex undertaking to produce maps from an astonishing 5000+ geo-locational data points, and the building of a multifaceted system by which complaints are sorted and forwarded to relevant Government Agencies for solutions. The ICMyC app runs on both web and mobile phones. It also provides citizens with data on civic issues and problems through its open data initiative.
Some examples of our initiatives focusing on urban governance.

Ward Quality Score: This initiative aims to deliver an objective measure of the quality of life experienced by citizens in all the 198 wards in Bengaluru.

Budget Brief: This initiative explains the BBMP budget for the citizens of Bengaluru. It describes a ward’s share in detail and how much money is being budgeted by BBMP for the improvement of infrastructure in a ward.

Public Eye: this app in partnership with the Bangalore Traffic Police involves citizens to report traffic violations in the city.

Mohalla Sabha: In order to strengthen decentralized governance and participatory budgeting, the Government of Delhi has signed a MoU with Janaagraha to develop a web platform and related mobile applications for the Mohalla Management System. It is a radical departure in the budgeting process in empowering the common citizens.

Constituency connect: This is an online platform to connect and bring together, the Elected Representatives, the citizens and the issues plaguing the wards and constituencies. This platform assists the elected representatives to view a complete list of grievances in their constituency and forward complaints to respective agencies for resolution. For the citizens, it makes all relevant information available on public domain at one place.

Swachhata Solutions is the official app of Swachh Bharat Mission.

The campaign MyCityMyBudget physically gathered, consolidated and shared citizen’s inputs on city budgets in Bangalore, creating avenues for active citizenship.

As on June 2017, ICMyC has 644954 users and growing. 249612 civic complaints have been registered on the site out of which 146303 have been resolved.

If you are told, that in one click, you could do something about the pothole that you maneuver every day, or the garbage pile that stinks up your home, would you?

IChangeMyCity, your first step to better city life!

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