Canva is a design tool that can help you create beautiful graphics for whatever purpose you need. You can create professional looking posts for social media, presentations, posters, calendars, infographics, logos, business cards, etc.



  • Image library: Canva has over a million stock images you can choose from to use in your projects. You can always choose to use your own images as well.
  • Editor: Use hundreds of filters and editing tools so you'll never run out of ideas for your creations.
  • Fonts: Canva provides you with hundreds of fonts so you can get your message out right.
  • Color palette: You can choose your company's color palette so that you can have your designs fit right in with your image.


  • Drag-drop function: You can drag and drop images into your designs.
  • Folders system: You can organize your creations by creating separate folders for different projects, campaigns, etc.


If you are new to design and would like to learn the basics of the tools, you can do so with Canva's Tutorials.


If you're curious about all that you can create with Canva or are just looking for inspirations, check out the Community's Designs.

How you can use Canva:

  • Social Media: Create impactful posts for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social profiles. Create profile pictures, banners, headers, etc.
  • Event invitations and flyers
  • Posters to print and hand out at campaigns
  • Catchy graphics for your blog
  • Certificates for your volunteers and interns
  • Infographics for your annual budgets
  • Postcards to send your donors, customers, etc.

Canva currently is offering a FREE work account to non-profit organizations. Canva is currently being used by various non-profit organizations for online campaigns. To apply for the FREE subscription, follow the following steps:-

  • Create an account
  • Fill out the Nonprofit Application Form
  • Upload documentation to validate your organization is not for profit. Documentation accepted for India is the Registration Certificate of Trust or Society.