How can Ketto solve the problems your non-profit faces:

1. Integrated Payment Gateways:

The Problem: Around 62% of people worldwide prefer to donate online, according to a study carried out by the Public Interest Registry and non-profit Tech For Good.

Our Solution: There are so many people who would love to donate but they don’t because either the online payment gateway is un-secure, or the non-profit can only receive funds through bank transfers or offline methods. This becomes a tedious process. Ketto provides campaigners with multiple payment gateways, including international ones (for the FCRA non-profits).

2. Automated 80G:

The Problem: NGOs spend a majority of their valuable time on generating reports, writing hundreds of 80G receipts, and various other administrative tasks. This leaves less time to spend on the field.

Our Solution: Many of these tasks can be streamlined online, greatly reducing the time taken. On Ketto’s platform, sending 80G receipts is an automated process. Simply click one button, and the 80G receipts are sent across to all your donors.

3. Website:

The Problem: Most NGOs look at having a website as simply a box to tick. A website is a gateway to the soul of an NGO. Once they understand that their website is a way to raise funds, to market and to attract corporates, they understand the importance of an updated and user-friendly website.

Our Solution: Ketto provides a modern and easy-to-update website, so NGOs can put up details of their recent projects in no time.

4. Email/SMS and Thank you

The Problem: Keeping your donors in the loop is essential, especially if you want them to keep coming back. However, writing customized emails is a tedious task.

Our Solution: On one platform, you have the ability to send across mass customized emails, SMSs and thank you notes. There are several other features and tools available on Ketto. These are mentioned in the image below.

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