In any business or organisation, once you have gathered a certain amount of clientele or supporters, email marketing can be a great way to grow your following. Whether you want to inform your contacts about some big news or an event you're hosting or requesting feedback, email campaigns can come in handy. MailChimp is one of the best email marketing services available today. This marketing app can help grow your community by creating and sending out professional looking emails. MailChimp even offers a special discount for nonprofit organizations!


Email Templates:

Create beautiful interactive emails with MailChimp templates and themes. Gone are the days of boring text emails. You can now create unique email campaigns to match your message. Customize your emails with flexible email layouts and eye-catching themes. With MailChimp templates, you can add your website logo and pictures to match your company image.


With the automation feature of MailChimp, you can set certain emails to get sent to your contacts when they match certain criteria.
Examples of Automation:

  • Welcome email to be sent to anybody who newly
    subscribes to your newsletter, or joins your website.
  • A thank you email for anyone that donates to your cause.
  • Order details email to those who buy your products.
  • Event alerts to all your supporters.
  • Annual emails for birthdays, new years, anniversaries, etc.

Multi-user Accounts:

MailChimp allows you to work together with your colleagues with the multi-user accounts feature. Once you have set up an admin MailChimp account, you can set up different types of accounts for your collaborators based on how much access you would like them to have. The types of accounts are Admin, Manager, Author, and Viewer. Admin accounts have access to all features of MailChimp. Manager accounts can design templates, send campaigns, manage mailing lists, and view reports. Author accounts can create, design, and edit campaigns, but not send them. Lastly, Viewer accounts can only log in and see reports.


Once you have created your email campaign, you can schedule the email to get sent to your contacts at a particular time so that you are not bothering them at odd hours. If your contacts are from different countries and you have their time zone details, MailChimp can send out your email at a particular time in each of the time zones.


With MailChimp Reports, you can see how your campaigns are doing. By analyzing reports, you can alter your future campaigns so that you have better success and growth. Few of the uses of reports are:

  • Explore details like how many of your emails were delivered, how many were opened, how many deleted, how many people clicked links in the emails, etc.
  • Monitor trends with visual graphs so you can compare how your email campaigns are been doing over a certain period of time.
  • Track analytics such as new subscribers, people who are unsubscribing, click rate percentages, subscriber count based on geolocation, etc.

Social Media Integration:

Social media integration can help grow your network by creating ads for people you know and those similar to them. Now you can design Facebook and Instagram advertisements right from within MailChimp alongside your email campaigns. Just like email analytics, you can track analytics for your social media ad campaigns as well.


MailChimp can be used on any desktop browser. Mobile applications are also available for iOS and Android.


MailChimp has various plans from free forever plan, $10/month, $199/month and pay per use plans. So regardless of your organization size or needs, you're sure to find a fitting plan for you. MailChimp also provides a special discount for nonprofit organisations!

MailChimp is easy to use tool that can be beneficial to new non profits and established organizations alike. You do not require any prior knowledge to use this tool. You can try their service for FREE by signing up here.