Think about all the stuff you can do on your phone, you can get directions, translate stuff, make movies, check your pulse, see earth from outer space, power a satellite, no…really. But right now you can't use your phone to draw for you. Your phone can help you do many things fast, but it can't help you draw something simple, fast! If you want to make a project or campaign brochure or presentation, where do you even go for that? You probably have to download some app or buy a design program. So a few people at Google created AutoDraw. Its a drawing tool for the rest of us.


Born out of Google's Artificial Intelligence Experiments , AutoDraw is a useful web application that can guess simple drawings before you even finish drawing it. AutoDraw collects doodles from everyone that uses the program and combines it with machine learning helping it get better every day. The best part of AutoDraw is, you don't have to download an application or pay for using it. All you need to do is, visit AutoDraw on any device browser that has access to the internet!

How to use it:

There are two ways to use the application:

  • One is to use it as a normal doodle pad where you can doodle like on any other drawing app.
  • You can make use of the A.I. build into AutoDraw and let it guess what you are drawing!

To use AutoDraw, all you have to do is doodle on the blank canvas and the A.I. will start to figure out what you are drawing. The guesses show up at the top of the screen as tiny doodles.

What you can do with AutoDraw:

Make a postcard/flyer/coloring book: If you're not the best at drawing and you want to make a postcard for a loved one, AutoDraw can simplify your task. All you have to do is doodle in what you would like on the card, for example a cupcake, a cat, a helicopter, etc., then from the list of guesses made by AutoDraw, you select the doodle you like best and click on it. The doodle you drew is replaced by the doodle you picked. You can now add text and color to your card. Once you are happy, you can export the image to you device! Once ready you can add it to your presentations, infographics, mind maps - just about anywhere.

Start using now!