Google Docs

Google Docs is a free web and mobile application that can be used to create, edit and share Word documents. This application works similarly to Microsoft Word. Docs can be accessed from any device with internet either through an app or by a modern browser.


Rich inputs:

You can make every document lively and unique with the hundreds of fonts and colors available in Docs. In addition, you can add images, charts, web links, and drawings!


Google Docs comes with various document templates for different scenarios. With templates, you can create professional looking documents with minimal effort. There are templates for creating resumes, budget docs, recipe logs, timetables, etc.

Offline access:

Editing or viewing docs offline is possible by downloading the Docs app on your phone, tablet or computer.


Docs can be shared with anyone and all those with access can work on the document simultaneously Any change made by collaborators can be seen in real time.


Google Docs has a handy chat feature that allows you to text chat collaborators from within the application. You can also comment on certain parts of the document as feedback. Tagging someone to a comment sends them a notification about it.

Auto save:

Google Docs proactively saves your document as and when any change is made! You will never again lose your data to battery deaths and other unfortunate scenarios.


You can access your older Microsoft Word documents as Docs can convert the file format. This makes life easier for those changing their primary document editing app.


Docs have Google search in built into the service so you can research the topic you are writing about and insert images and text into the document very simply.


This is a slightly more advanced feature where you can download Add-ons that can help create documents easier. Examples of some Add-ons are thesaurus, language dictionary, translate, math formula, file format converter, etc.

How to apply:

Google Docs is part of the Google for Non-Profits Pack. For your organization to be eligible for Google for Non-profits membership, your organization must first be verified by TechSoup. To get validated, click HERE.. Once you are done with that, you can go ahead and fill in the membership form for Google for Non-profits HERE.

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Need more help?

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