Google Forms is a collaborative tool that comes with Google Suite. As the name suggests, Google Forms is a service where you can create forms or surveys. Forms can come handy in many situations. Whether you're a teacher wanting to quiz students, or a company seeking feedback from customers; Google Forms can be very useful.

Google Forms is a free to use service and you can make as many forms as you like!


Customization: You can customize your form to match your company image by adding your own pictures or company logo, change the colors, etc. If you're not up for making a custom look for your form, you can also choose one of the curated templates.

Q&As: You can add different types of questions depending on the kind of answers you are looking for. You can choose multiple-choice, check-boxes, drop-down menu, short answer, long answer, date, time, etc.

Multi-device support: You can use Forms on your computer, laptop or phone as it adapts to all screen sizes. This means you can create, edit, or even fill a form on any device browser.

Real-time responses: You can see all the data being collected in real time. It's also possible to choose how you would like to receive updates. You can either choose to get an email every time your form is filled, have the responses automatically update on a Google Sheet, or download the responses as a (.csv) file.

Google Sheets integration: You can choose to connect your forms to Google Sheets. By doing this, all the answers you collect in the form is recorded in an Excel type file in Google Sheets. This makes data management easy.

Collaboration: You can give editing access to your forms to friends or colleagues and have them work on it with you. All those with access can work on the same form simultaneously.

How you can use Forms:

  • Create a feedback form for clients or customers
  • Collect volunteers' contact information through a form
  • Send out a poll form to your employees
  • Make a RSVP form for your next event
  • Collect data from your beneficiaries

Here are examples of Google Forms:

  1. Submit a Women's Helpline
  2. Submit Autism Helpline

If you have any questions or want to share with us how you use Google Forms, feel free to drop a comment down below. We would love to hear from you!